Yesterday afternoon we had the most almighty thunderstorm. It seems years since we’ve had a good storm. The thunder & lightening rolled around the valley for 2 hours or so. It drove our dogs crazy. They ran around in the pouring rain, barking at the noise, & eventually wanted to be let in, dripping wet & panting.

We had 23ml, nearly an inch of rain, which is excellent as the gardens have been looking very dry, & not only that, but Geoff had left the tap running on our rainwater tank a few days ago, by mistake. Apparently the rain that falls during a thunderstorm is especially good for the garden, being ionised, but I shall have to do some research on this to confirm it.
This morning I planted some seeds into the warm, moist soil, & feel optimistic that they’ll all grow. Along with such mainstays as carrots & beetroot, I’ve put in some Nigella Eastern Spice, (from Kings Seeds) the seeds are spicy flavoured & used in Turkish cooking. I have a recipe ready & waiting!

Last weekend we planted all our Summer vege plants out, crossing our fingers that we won’t see any more frosts. Already the toms & peppers are looking bigger. The spuds will take a while to show, we’ve put in mostly Agria which are divine, & a variety of Maori potato called ‘Old Blue” which is purple with white eyes, & good flavour.