At first glance, you’d think this is definitely in the “bad’ category. We first discovered these, less than pretty maggots living in our comfrey liquid fertiliser, some years ago. Naturally we were disgusted at the fat wriggling maggots, & had no idea what they were. Now we have learnt that they are, in fact the larvae of Drone Flies. Our reference book tells us that they feed on ‘rotten slush’ which sums their environment aptly.

Drone Flies live in our gardens, mostly unrecognised, because they do look at first glance, just like drones from a beehive. They behave much like bees, pottering about gathering pollen & pollinating flowers. They tend to be dark & shiny, & dart about from flower to flower. Something I’ve just learnt is that they only have 2 wings so are classified as flies, whereas bees have 4 wings.  (Photo of the adult Dronefly, above.)