These are confused plants, they start off looking like a large shallot, but at this time of year they shoot up a tall stem, that flowers & then surprisingly, grows tiny onions. Sometimes a new flower stem comes out of the first one & repeats the process again. Very weird! We’ve harvested some of the large basal bulbs to use in cooking, & they are plump & juicy, just needing the tough flower stalk to be taken out.

The latin name is Allium cepa proliferum. Also known as Lazy Man’s Onions. They originate from Canada. The clumps need splitting every so often, because we thought we had extra large shallots to start with, we just dug them up with all the others & dried them off for the winter. We planted them back in early Spring & they have shot away. I’m wondering about trying to pickle the small top bulbs like cocktail onions.

Egyptian Tree Onions