I’ve just been making some of these to give away as Christmas presents, they are quick & easy to cook, & transform a simple salad. We use a heavy skillet to cook in, but any flat bottomed pan will do.

1 cup each sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds

1 cup sesame seeds

Heat the pan up & stir in the sunflower & pumpkin seeds, stirring all the time. Cook until they puff up & start to pop, then add the sesame seeds, & cook until golden. Just before taking off the heat, you can stir in a few squirts of shoyu, or soya sauce, & cook until evaporated. Be aware if you are using a heavy skillet that the seeds will continue cooking after you have turned the heat off. When cool store in an airtight jar, & sprinkle on your salads.

Good source of Zinc, & good for the prostate, also pumpkin seeds act as a vermifuge, (expelling worms.)

Of course you can play around with different nuts & seeds. We often add peanuts in the winter to compliment our more robust salads made with spinach & silverbeet.