We’ve had a blitz on the vege garden this week, Geoff has mounded the spuds, which is one less thing to remember to do. This is important, as the new tubers form on the stems which grow above the seed potato, so it increases your yield, it also stops the new tubers from going green. We had a row of odds & ends where we’d dug up sprouting tubers from other places. We dug these up as they were dying back….& we’d run out of spuds. We also tidied up a patch of carrots & beetroot that had run to seed, & found quite a few good carrots in amongst them. We’ve left quite a few carrots to flower too, as they attract in the parasitic wasps which help to control the Cabbage White Butterflies.

It seems an early season for St. John’s Wort it is already flowering well, so we have started picking the flowering heads to put in jars of olive oil, in the sun. The process is quite magical, within a few days the yellow oil will turn a beautiful clear red. This red oil has amazing, healing properties when applied to burns, wounds & various aches & pains. It has a gentle warming effect, as it increases the blood flow, where it is applied. We had a visit from some Dutch people a while ago, & one of their Grandmother’s used the magic red oil for soothing practically everything the grandchildren managed to do to themselves.

St Johns Wort