Well, Christmas is nearly upon us, & we are feeling relatively sane…I did say relatively! We went into the Farmer’s Market this morning to stock up on fruit & vege for the next few days. We even saw Peta Mathias there, & of course she looked right at home. We usually make a selection of salads the day before Xmas, & these store in the fridge for 2 or 3 days & provide easy bases for meals. One of my favourites is Roast Vege Salad, I’ll put the recipe for this in the recipe section.

Our Feijoas are in full flower, & they look lovely. The petals are thick & taste of feijoas. There are a few Blackbirds who spend time pecking at the flowers, I’m not sure if they eat them or bugs. We have 2 varieties, Mammoth & Triumph, both are self pollinating & produce large & luscious fruit. Last year with the Autumn drought they didn’t do well, when they fell off the trees they were already over-ripe, with that slight acetone flavour, not good! So far the rainfall has been just right.

Feijoa Flowers

We are trying to grow a Tamarillo, in the canopy under our native trees. It has survived the Winter, & is now producing large numbers of Potato-like flowers, which smell delicious.