Seasonal veges make a good variation to this recipe. In winter we might have spuds, kumara, pumpkin, beetroot, parsnips, carrots, onions, etc. In the Summer we also have courgettes & scallopini, asparagus, florence fennel. I prepare the slower cooking veges first, like spuds, carrots & beetroot, & put these in a hot tray drizzled with olive oil, into the oven at about 180-200 C.

I always cook with a timer, so it goes on for 2×15 mins, in this time I prepare the other veges, rubbing oil on them if they are going to discolour. After 15 mins the veges in the oven get a stir. I roughly chop some garlic cloves, & pick a handful of Rosemary sprigs. (After our daughter had a caeserian delivery, & I was cooking for her, I read that Brazil nits were rich in iron, so these got stirred in as well)When the timer goes off all these additions get stirred in, & spread over 2 trays if need be. Now cook for about another hour, or 4x 15 mins, stirring each time the timer goes off.

For winter-time we eat this hot, usually with Satay sauce, recipe later, any leftovers can be turned into frittata. In summer we eat it warm or cold, & I like a light lemon & yoghurt dressing with it, but you can experiment for yourself.

Frittata is a quick & easy meal to make for lunch, or a hurried tea.

Put on the grill. Cut up & fry one large onion, in a splash of oil in a cast iron skillet, or frypan that is oven proof. While this is cooking, cut up 2-3 cups of mixed roast veges, you can also cut up chorizo sausage or other cooked meat too. When the onions are cooked, put in a couple of cloves of chopped garlic, & cook a little. Then add the veges etc. While these are heating through, beat 4-6 eggs with salt & pepper, & grate some tasty cheese. When the veges are hot, you can add in a couple of handfulls of greens, small leaves, or chopped, & any herbs you fancy. Once the greens are wilted, add the eggs, turn the heat down so they don’t cook too fast. Coook like an omelette, moving the cooked eggs mix from the sides & letting the runny stuff fill the gaps. When the eggs are about2/3 cooked, put the cheese on the top, & a few seeds if you like, then grill until golden. Serve with a dash of chilli sauce & a big salad.