This is a new spider in our garden, the photo doesn’t really do it justice.I found it clinging to a head of grass I pulled out of the flowerbed. I did a google search to find out about it. Te Papa has an excellent site for indentification of spiders. It’s latin name is Poecilopachys australasiae,& as you can guess it hales from Australia. It arrived in N.Z. in the 1970s & is most common in the upper North Island. I’m a great one for collecting bizarre facts, you may have noticed! Apparently the female is the only one to be decorated so handsomely, & despite the fact that she is less than 1cm in size, can catch moths etc several times her size, but not known for inflicting damage to humans.

They weave traditional cartwheel shaped webs, which they recycle by eating  in the early hours of the morning. Isn’t the small universe of the garden fascinating?