This is a simple recipe, but so useful that everyone should have a bottle made up. It’s the same thing as Honeygar. Take equal parts soft honey, warm it gently if need be, & a good quality cider vinegar & mix well. Store in a bottle. Dilute like a cordial, a tblsp or so to a glass of water. I remember learning that potassium is one of the elements we don’t store in our bodies, & it needs a supply each day, this is part of the wisdom of an apple a day, & of course Cider Vinegar is a good source of the same.

It’s uses are numerous & include settling an upset tummy, or keeping a tummy bug at bay, if there’s one going round, ( our children used to take a bottle of diluted mix for school lunch, whenever there was a bug at school, & I don’t think any came home.) It can also be taken if you think you’ve eaten something iffy, like seafood. Esp. useful when travelling overseas, although you would prob. have to make it once you got there. Our daughter had Giardia many years ago, & kept getting repeat symptoms. We read of someone treating their baby with beetroot juice, because it was high in potassium, so we figured that the brew might well work as well,& it did.

The brew is used to ease arthritic pains, & also as an aid to reduce bedwetting, esp. if taken at teatime. Incidently if you have to get up in the night for a pee it can help that too.

There’s a great old book called “Folk Medicine” by D.C. Jarvis M.D. (with a rusty brown cover,) which you can often spot in op. shops & 2nd hand bookshops which is full of interesting advice.