One of the things we worked out when we ran the Nursery, was that the best time to sow seeds is when they naturally are ready on the plant. I know this sounds obvious, but it’s a real secret to success for tricky things, & larger seeds. For instance we were given a bucket of delicious white flesh peaches, & put the stones straight into a corner of the compost heap where they could stay for the Winter. In the Spring about 20 seedlings came up, we transplanted them, & in about 4 years they were yielding good fruit. I’ve also found this works with walnuts & hazels.

Temperamental herbs like this treatment too, Arnica seeds are best sown straight away, its important that they are left where they can be kept moist, but accessible to the frosts etc. I’m having a go with some Goldenseal seeds. We have 3 plants, & this year 2 of them formed fruit, a bit like small raspberries. I’ve just picked these & lightly covered them in a pot in the shade, fingers crossed.

Below are some pulsatilla seedlings that have just popped up, sown straight from the plant.

Pulsatilla Seedlings