In the cooler parts of the day, we’ve been reclaiming our vege & herb garden. It’s been an early season & many of the herbs need cutting back, having finished flowering. Where the onions came out we have sown seeds of carrot & beetroot, several colours of each, & Lettuces, which will hopefully feed us during the winter months. We’ve sown a second planting of zucchini, to follow on when the first ones keel over. We have left space to plant leek plants, which we’ll buy in a bundle & plant out from Feb onwards.


In the hottest times we work in the workroom, making ointments etc, & this week we’ve been processing the first oils we started, Elderflower, Calendula & St. John’s Wort. This get stored in a cool, dark place until we need them.


Our big pond needs topping up regularly at this time of year, it’s amazing how much evaporates, & of course some seeps away. It looks like a wilderness, with Purple Loosestrife flowering around the edges, & huge Gunnera shading the water.