We’ve had a burst of sorting this week, perhaps it’s a reaction to Christmas & being away, but the house seemed chaotic, well more than usual, & in need of a sort out. This is only the first part of a long held plan to get things ‘under control’ it could be a delusion, as we are mostly diverted into other more pressing or more entertaining projects.

Anyway the corner cupboard in the kitchen was explored. One really needs to be experienced in caving to undertake this effort, especially since neither of us can remember the last time it was sorted. This was attested to by the unearthing of several large boxes of dross, we had no recollection of ever seeing before! After this came the clothes cupboards…similar scenario, except much of the particularly weird items we could remember being given by well meaning friends & family. We shall be donating to an Op. shop well out of our area to cover our tracks!

The garden has not escaped our keen eyes, & in a fit of sap lust, Geoff pruned some of the trees quite thoroughly, supervised I must add by me, casting a beady eye over progress & pointing out particularly tricky branches to reach. It’s quite a balancing act, not just the pruning, but taking control of the garden. We nurture plants along for years, then one day realise no sun is reaching the kitchen windows, or a favourite patch of perennials. Our garden is by no means under strict control, even the lawn is a hit & miss affair, but every now & then we have to take a step back, & have a good look at the dynamics of the garden, are we happy with them ? or can we change things?

The other thing we’ve become aware of is the huge number of birds around the place. Again this is good & bad, having made an effort to encourage them into the grounds, they seem to have multiplied madly & become voracious consumers of any fruit they can get their beaks into. (Below Tui in a Kowhai tree).

Discussing this with neighbours, a while ago, we wondered if the poisoning of the possums has had a drastic impact on the bird population? We haven’t seen or heard a possum for a couple of years now, certainly the native trees in the area are flourishing.

We are picking lots of tomatoes now, but the capsicums & chillies are slow. The beetroot I sowed last week are just showing, we’ve been diligent about keeping them moist, once they get some roots it’s not so crucial.