One of the places that collects bugs, is our small parapool. This large visitor was happy to be rescued. We don’t get a lot of Huhu Beetles here, usually they bang into the windows at night. They are a bit alarming when they land on you, as they have very clingy feet, & are hard to dislodge., & I think they can bite too Beetles have a full life cycle, egg, larvae, pupa & adult, unlike Wetas for instance, that miss out the pupal stage, & grow through a number of small adult stages called nymphs.

The Huhu belongs to a weird & wonderful group of beetles called Longhorns, named after their long antennae. Apparently some in this group make sounds by nodding their necks to grind a joint in the mid section, sounds uncomfortably like they are in need of a good massage! The Huhu can squeak, but doesn’t do the neck grinding thing I think.

Huhu Beetle Prionoplus reticularis

The Huhu is N.Z.’s largest beetle, & is probably best known as the fat grubs found in rotting logs, & often eaten, although I have never managed to try one yet, just seems easier to eat what’s on my plate. Alas for the poor old adult beetles they live for a couple of weeks & don’t get to eat anything, now that is sad!