A friend rang me the other night, wondering what I was up to…. I hold this Blog responsible, I was looking up slugs on Google! Actually it was much harder than I expected, not many people think to provide photos of slugs, now why is this? & should I be worried that I’m one of those people?

I’ve started to pre-empt conversations with “did you know?” followed by some obscure facts about slugs or other small critters I’m finding in the garden. This leads me nicely into…did you know?? that some of our large native slugs have delicate markings like leaf veins on their backs. For an exciting moment I thought that was what we had found, but our slugs are Tawny Garden Slugs. At first glance I thought Geoff was having me on, & pointing at a cat turd, it pays to check these things out closely! So for your edification, here are some photos of the Tawny Garden Slug, also known as Lehmannia flava. (Which by the way feeds on fungi & decaying organic matter, so we let them glide off on their slimy way.)

The weather has given us a bit of everything, except much rain, one day boiling hot, the next feeling very Autumnal. Have managed to harvest perhaps a kilo of Elderberries, which are in the freezer for now. Pears have cropped well, but the birds are keeping us on our toes.

The vege garden is producing steadily now, & there are fresh supplies of peas, carrots, parsnips, celariac & beetroot coming along. Now is the time to start planting leeks, we’ve put in 30 plants, & will do the same at 2 weekly intervals over the next couple of months. We found a place in Hastings, Planter’s Nursery, that sells them for 10c each, with sturdy roots, all ready to go. We’ll plant brassicas once the cabbage white butterflies have gone, or will make a cover for them.

Our hens have been laying in a very slack manner, I remembered reading that they don’t like cold feet, so you should keep sawdust or straw in their house. Have dutifully provided straw carpet & for some reason it seems to have helped. I kind of like the idea of warming their toes up. ( update 1 week later, hens laying much better, weird how that works!!)