I spent part of today sorting out the onions. I know that doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s all part of squirreling away for Winter. You may remember that we harvested our onions etc in late January. Since then they have been drying off in our garden caravan. Today I went through, cleaning off old stems & trimming off the roots. We have Red Onions & Pukekohe Long Keepers, I plaited the smaller Long Keepers, & cut the stems off the large ones, storing them in an onion bag. These will keep the longest, funnily enough, although there were a few that had split into 2 or 3 bulbs & I put these in the ‘eat sooner’ pile, ( any bull necked onions would go here too, these are the ones with fat stalks, usually formed because they’ve been planted too deeply). The Red Onions start to sprout after a month or two so they are best eaten first, & used in pickles & curries etc.

We’ve also grown Tree Onions & Shallots, these just needed a clean, & storing, I put aside a tray of Spring planting stock, saving the biggest Shallots & the smallest Tree Onions. I haven’t saved these before so I hope that’s going to work. We’ve got ordinary Garlic & Elephant Garlic, we were a week or so late harvesting them, so the stalks of the plain garlic weren’t so well attached for plaiting. I trimmed the roots off, & any loose leaves. I also put aside the best garlic bulbs to grow, & the middle sized Elephant Garlic, plus the bulblets, which will grow into round bulbs next year, ideal for cooking with.

We saved all our poppy pods this year, as I read somewhere that the seeds are perfectly OK to use in cooking, they are so prolific.

The other reason for tidying up the caravan is that our honey extractor lives in there, & it’s time to extract. We went out to check progress, our one hive has 3 full supers of capped honey ready for us, so I’ll take some photos of the process to put in the next diary entry.