This is a great Easter activity for the whole family. You need some blown eggs, white if possible, onion skins, strips of cloth about 1m long, by 2-3cm wide, wool or string, a large saucepan, a little vinegar & water.

First go out into the garden & collect a mixture of leaves & flowers, try a wide variety, ferny leaves are good, plus bold coloured small flowers & petals.

Spread your gleanings out on the table, & cup an egg into a piece of onion skin, tucking pieces of plant against the egg shell. This is quite a feat of co-ordination, sometimes it’s easiest with 2 people working together! Continue to wrap the egg, so that it is eventually covered with 2 or 3 layers of onion skin, holding the petals etc in place. Now you bandage this, CAREFULLY! so the egg doesn’t get cracked. Wrap the strip of cloth around in all directions, then bind that in place with a length of string. You can write the persons initials on it, so you know whose is whose.

When everyone has finished their egg, put them in a saucepan, with warm water to cover, & a slosh of vinegar,which acts as a fixative.Put a heavy plate upside down on top of the eggs to keep them under water. Bring to the boil, & simmer for 20 minutes. Drain off the hot water & cool in cold water. Unwrap carefully & se what you have created, be careful there may be some hot water inside.

When the eggs are dry, you can rub them with a little vege oil to shine up. You can tie cotton onto small sticks & poke into one of the blow holes so you can hang them on a branch.