Well we’ve had our first frost this week, & it was a good one, the garden transforms, many lush plants are now soggy messes waiting to go on the compost.

Luckily we had repaired the holes in the greenhouse, & tucked away our more tender plants, like Lemon Grass, & Kawa Kawa. One of the jobs we haven’t done yet, is to take cuttings of the tender Salvias, luckily they are still alive, the other is to put frost cloth over the citrus, ouch.Our trial Tamarillo has been tipped by frost, but it’s fruit are OK. Talking of fruit, we are having the most amazing season for Feijoas, they are huge, & plentiful. Have managed to freeze quite a few for the winter months, & given away cartloads!

We planted a trial patch of Kumara this year, having had little success up until now. We dug them yesterday, & got a big pile from 10 or so plants, one tuber was as big as a small frozen chicken, weighing in at 1.73 kg. Now we have to decide how to cook it.