Walker our ram, had sore feet, they have been red around the hoof, & very sweaty & nasty between his toes, with maggots, poor old thing. Our farmer friend & adviser, Hamish, told us it was scald, a fungal infection. Initially we tried our animal salve on them, it helped a bit, but after a few days Walker looked miserable again. Then we had the idea of using our Atheletes Foot Balm. We cleaned up each foot, & rinsed them with Hypercal in water, then dried between his ‘toes’ & put on the cream. A couple of days later we put on more cream, but had noticed that Walker was walking a lot easier, & his feet were clean. One more repeat & we seem to have fixed it, an unorthodox trial for the cream, but it obviously did the trick. Check out Athelete’s Foot Balm in our shop.