We’ve had mixed success growing Celeriac in the garden. I think I’ve got it sussed now, which is good, because it’s my latest vegetable passion!

It’s a slow growing crop, so you need to start seeds indoors in early Spring, grow them on for a while until they are big enough not to get lost in the weeds, “what weeds?” I hear you cry!

Plant them into rich, composted soil, & let them grow away, being careful not to let them dry out.

In early Autumn, clean off all growing sprouts except the main top one, & mulch up around the bulbous root with compost. In our garden they slowly bulk up over early winter, frost doesn’t seem to be a problem. I guard them fiercely, I won’t let Geoff pull one up unless I think they’re big enough. We’ve harvested about 4 of the 20 or so in the garden. Cut off the leaves & straggly roots onto the compost heap.

In the kitchen, give the root a good scrub & trim off any wayward roots from the bottom. If you are going to only use part of it, just peel what you’ll need, the rest will store in the fridge for ages. The simplest use is to grate fresh root into your winter salads. Celeriac can be used instead of celery in soups, stews & casseroles. One of our favourites is Oxtail soup without the tail, see recipes.