We’re having some great warm days at the moment, so have been managing to get a number of garden jobs done, that often get left until Sept, or forgotten altogether. Friends of ours let us excavate under their wool shed for sheep manure, which is a valuable resource for our gardens. We’ve also collected several fadge loads of deciduous leaves, for mulching. Some of the leaves have been gathered in the catcher when the lawns are cut, & this mix is especially good, heavier & denser.

We’ve spread manure, wood ash, & dolomite on the vege gardens & then mulched with leaves. These beds can sit now until we want to plant out tomatoes, peppers etc, in a few months time. We’ve spread manure over the spud beds, but not mulched, as they’ll be worked on as we plant.

We’ve also been re-organising our fences, some of which were in an embarrassing state. We blame the pigs! For some years we bred Kune Kunes, & they were Houdinis at escape. Every time they got out we’d put another warratah in! We’ve just about finished these, & the new system will mean that we can move our sheep from one area to the next, & rest each paddock to minimise worm problems.

The gardens are definitely thinking Spring is here, the Wintersweet has been amazing, scenting the whole garden. The first Magnolia stellata flowers are out, & the Hellebores & violets are abundant too.