So much of being a gardener is about the weather. I just realised how often I comment on what the weather has been doing, it’s not just a social nicety, for us it shapes our days, & has impact on our crops, & in the end the food we have to eat.

We were up in Hamilton for most of the recent bad weather. Messages from home told of much flooding, although luckily little damage. Our first job when we came home was to inspect the creek & see what had been happening. It was obvious that a huge amount of water had been through. The creek on our property is in a deep gully about 7m, with sheer sides for the most part. It’s been scoured out, dead trees have disappeared, huge amounts of stones & limestone have been deposited at the bottom, where it flattens out .

The boundary fence is non-existent, a rolled up mess of logs & debris, the biggest hassle is the glass, broken bottles & shards everywhere. This is all very familiar, whenever the creek floods all sorts of stuff arrive on our place. Of course sometimes our stuff migrates too. A couple of years ago we couldn’t find our BBQ table, eventually it was spotted 20 metres into the neighbours & half way up a willow tree.

One of the intriguing things about all this water movement is the way stuff is carried & deposited, it can be very specific, a small plant will create an area of bottles behind it, or stones all the same size. A log catches on the bridge & completely changes the flow making a beach where once there was a big pool.

I must mention that the reason we were up in Hamilton was to meet our newest Grandson, Kaiya. Of course he is perfect! We also had a great time with Tahlia, who is nearly 2, being constantly delighted by her new language skills, & spontaneous humour. Being Grandparents feels very special.