For the next few months we will have  Comfrey plants for sale. These are bare-rooted, & cost $1.00 each, minimum order of 5. Freight will vary a bit depending where you are & how many plants you order, usually about $5.00 up t0 30 or so plants & $10.00 for more, extra again for Rural Delivery. We can let you know freight cost before you confirm your order. You can email us an order at or phone us on 06 878 1511

Comfrey, Symphytum officinale is a perennial plant which grows up to 1m in height in the summer. It goes completely dormant for the coldest months. It has deep root systems & brings up valuable nutrients from the sub soil. It’s rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus & potash. As the gardener’s friend it makes a powerful liquid fertiliser, this can also be used to activate your compost heap. Iit can be wilted & used as a mulch, & it can be planted around fruit trees as part of a mixed herb ley. It’s also a useful supplement for livestock. Put plants in at 60cm spacing, if you are planting in rows.Two things to remember when you use it, chose where to plant it carefully, as once it’s in the ground you won’t get rid of it, every little piece of root will grow when broken. Secondly, don’t do as we did & put flowering stems & unwilted leaves into potato furrows, as they will grow too, that’s why we have an abundance of plants!The common name for Comfrey is Knitbone, & it has a well earned reputation as a healing plant. We use it in our Comfrey & Calendula Ointment, Haemorrhoid cream & Baby’s Bottom Salve. The plant contains allantoin, which speeds up cell repair. It is a brilliant herb to use as a poultice or wash for injuries, bruises, sprains, grazes etc. & is used homoepathically for bone injuries.