Now is the time to chit your spuds, or in non-gardener lingo lay them out to sprout. We keep a number of home grown spuds for sprouting, mainly the old heritage & Maori varieties, & we usually buy insome seed potatoes for the main crop. Our favourite for the last few years is Agria, just can’t find anything to beat them for productivity, flavour & versatility.

Spud Chitting

Lay the spuds out, stalk end down, you may have to look hard to find a potato’s bottom! egg trays are perfect for this job, or low flat boxes will do. Already you’ll be able to see which varieties are earlies,as they will have big sprouts on. The main crops are still pretty dormant. Once your trays are set out, you need to find a cool but light place to put them, where they can do there stuff for the next month or two. The aim is to encourage sturdy sprouts to form, that will shoot away with vigour once they are put in the ground.