Since I last wrote in here, I’ve had a crash course in appreciation of good health, or my version of it. Last week I ended up in A&E with acute abdominal pain & swelling. After 10 hours & a wide & eye watering variety of tests, I’ve been diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst, & fibroids. I had to wait nearly a week for blood test results to say if the cyst was benign or not. It’s been a long week as you can imagine, & I went through various stages of processing, from ‘it’ll be fine” to “what if…”

By the time I went to see the specialist I was not feeling very brave at all! Luckily for me I have the all clear, & I’m on the waiting list for a hysterectomy, sometime in the next 2-6 months hopefully. Everywhere I looked there’s been stuff about Cancer with a capital ‘C’ & I know there will be a whole lot of other people who haven’t had good news from their test results. It’s a sobering & lonely thought, we shall be donating extra to the Daffodil Day Appeal, & I send a prayer out to all those facing that challenge. Since discovering all this I’ve talked to a number of friends, who have been through similar, or know someone who has. I’m amazed that mostly that information is kept quiet, until someone mentions it. It’s not a dirty secret to have problems with our reproductive gear, I want to be open about it, & talk to other women. There may be women out there who have heavy periods & haven’t been checked for fibroids, go get it checked, take care of yourself. Apparently between 20 & 40% of women over 35 have them. My friend & I, both on the waiting list for the op, are planning a PH (Post Hysterectomy) Celebration, when we emerge at the other end, to honour our generous wombs, & farewell them. I’m planning a uterine shaped pinniata full of tricks… could catch on? Whilst all this was going on, I was put on 2 courses of antibiotics, & got the flu. (See recipes for Horehound Candy & Elecampagne Syrup) All I knew was that I felt awful for days, but now the fog is clearing. Yesterday I felt hungry, what a lovely sensation! Today I made breakfast, exciting stuff! So I have a renewed sense of delight in the mundane, & a joy in anticipating Spring made all the sharper in contrast to some of the dark places I’ve visited recently. On the plus side I’m told that women with ME are quite likely to feel a whole lot better after the op, so I am feeling hopeful on that score. If any of you out there in the ether have any thoughts on the above, feel free to leave a comment.