Well August has just about been & gone. What started out as feeling like we were on top of things has bitten us on the bum! We’ve both had the flu, first time in years & we’re not impressed. Even with the help of herbs & homoepathics we are still feeling below par. So now the gardens are getting away on us, weeds are proliferating & the Spring growth is wrestling its way through the tangles. Ah well, the forecast is fine so we might manage to creep out & weed a bit.

Below: Plum blossom, Almond blossom, Chooks, Primroses

On the positive side, the orchard is merrily doing it’s thing, the grass is growing, & the chooks have started laying again. Now we have fenced most of the place we can graze with our sheep, & it gives us a much needed feeling of being in control … a little!