Here’s a little background on the inspiration and process behind some of my art.

For my stencils sometimes I doodle until I find an image I like, and I’m not great at drawing, I readily admit that, but I think that gives it a bit of charm. I scan it in, blow it up, and cut it out. Personally the thing about doodling is that you let your mind wander, its not a conscious process. For the record these are where the slightly weirder creations come from.

DevilMy SpineSnowman

I got right into doing stencils of people. People’s faces, people doing weird things, people sword fighting. The usual kind of stuff. This was a bit of an obsession for a while and I spent a lot of my time looking at people and seeing them in terms of potential stencil. Postencials. I made heaps of these and they were a good way of honing my cutting abilities.

Wedding Photo

As I got into experimenting with more colours and layers, I realized that this form of art is really accessible to so many people. And can be so effective.

Whilst doing these stencils I thought about bigger stencils and how to do different kinds of stencils. The books I carve are I guess a different form of stenciling. Each page has an individual stencil cut into.

For these I purposefully set out to create an art that was a simple ‘A’. You can’t misinterpret it, no, not that ‘A’. Take for example a rose in a book of roses, or an eagle in a book of eagles. You don’t have to be a genius to see a pattern. I’ve had comments from people about these as “a representation of beauty within age”, but that’s really not what its about. I start with a book about ‘something’ and cut a picture of that ‘something’ into it.

These became quite popular and I have had a number of commissions from people to make them personalised books. I did a stint of work for Te Papa in their conservation department, and the the conservators there were really enthusiastic about these books. It was a real validation as an artist, having these people who have spent the last 10-15 years looking at and fixing a whole variety of art, seeing my art and liking it so much. It really broadened my perspectives and gave me a little more hope in the possibility of getting somewhere with it.

Miniature Roses

Graphic design I enjoy because I haven’t trained in it, and it seems like this allows me to sidestep all those preconventions that designers have to abide by. I can design the way I want to, not the way society wants me to. I worked for BATS’ Theatre producing a number of their ‘whats on’ Guano flyers, as well as various other images and pages. I also did some stencil work inside doing signwork and images.

Guano Cover 4Guano Cover 3Guano Cover 2Guano Cover 1