Hello there,

Glad you could make it. I’ve kindly been offered a position here on this blog as a way to exhibit a little art. What a great idea! So without further ado I will give you a little introduction to what I do. Sorry I’ll try not to rant.

Alex vs The Toaster

To cut a long story short, I’ve been doing art for a few years now. I don’t know if I could call it a passion because I’m a little slack at getting on to doing it, but when it’s underway it doesn’t take long before I remember how much fun it is.

I like to use art as an expression of how I feel about the art scene in the modern age… which is ironic really, because I originally got into making art for art-sake rather than for the message’s sake. The message behind my works is that in fact there doesn’t have to be a motive to every piece of art you see.

While I was at University I wiled away a small part of my time in a couple of design papers, and a few arts based media papers. The message from these was undeniable. “Every piece of art you see, the artist wanted to convey A, B, C, D, etc”. In short nothing is without reason. My reaction was to try construct art, devoid of meanings or intent.


I wanted to make art about which I could stand back and tell people that there was no concept behind this, there was no reason for doing this, other than because I wanted to, or thought it would look cool.

That should do for now, I’ll write a little more about inspirations (and other exciting things) next time.

Bye for now.