This is a great, vegetarian meal that feeds about 8-10 people, Libby & Giles made it for us last time they stayed, of course we’ve fiddled with it, but only a little bit, honest!

You need 1 pkt fresh lasagne sheets

pasta sauce –  fry a couple of chopped up onions until soft, add 2 or 3 crushed cloves of garlic & cook a little more, stir in 2 cans of tomatoes, or similar, with a whole heap of chopped spinach, or silverbeet etc  – basically so it’s spinach with some tomato sauce around it.Cook down until greens are tender, & sauce has cooked down too, have a taste & add salt & pepper, sugar if needed.

3 cups of pumpkin – cube it, steam it, mash it.

add to pumpkin stuff:

1 tub of cottage cheese (250g)

1/2 Cup of grated cheese

2 tablespoons basil pesto (we freeze our pesto & just scrape out what we need)

2 eggs

salt n pepper

1 tsp nutmeg

4 cloves of garlic

(We also added 1/2 cup chopped feta, & 2 tsp chilli sauce)

mix altogether for pumpkiny/cheesey/pesto-ey goodness

Then to make it…

mix 1/4 cup water with 1/4 cup of the pasta sauce – spread it in base of dish

first layer of lasagne sheet

1/3 of remaining pasta sauce goes on top

followed by half of the pumpkin mash stuff

2nd lasagne sheet

next 1/3 of remaining pasta sauce

followed by last half of pumpkin mash stuff

3rd lasagne sheet

rest of pasta sauce

extra grated cheese

cook for about 40-50 minutes at about 180 – til it’s cooked.