Spring is Sprung

Spring is sprung,
De grass is riz,
I wonder where dem birdies is?

Some say de birds is on de wing

Ain’t dat absurd?                                 

I thought the wing is on de bird!


This rhyme is one of my Mum’s old favourites, our grass is definitely ‘riz’ right now.

Things are happening in all directions, the birds are building nests & having territorial disputes, & they spend a lot of time forcing nesting materials into any nook & cranny, & believe me our house has an abundance!

The gardens are growing apace, & the weeds even quicker, I’m still getting over the flu & I watch in horror as the goosegrass creeps ever higher, at least it pulls out easily when we get to it. There are wonderful fragrant plants wafting their perfumes around. At the moment Viburnun burkwoodii is full of flowers & smells of cloves, (photo on left).

Magnolia stellata has a sweet scent & is in full flower too, (photo in centre) both of these shrubs are easy to grow, they don’t get too huge & seem very hardy. The right hand picture is Grape Hyacinths, which have a sweet, musky scent, which is easily overlooked as they are so low to the ground.

By means of stealth & cunning I have caught all the fish in our concrete pond. It has 3 resident frogs, all males, who I hope will get croaking soon & call in some plump females.

We had a great morning planting seeds last week, & have sown most of the plants that need a bit more warmth, like tomatoes, peppers, & curcubits. We’ve had more mouse problems, they sneak in during the day, ignore the mouse traps & their alluring peanut butter, & ravage our sweetcorn, little buggers!

I noticed that the peach stones I planted last Autumn are sprouting, I think it’s a peach called ‘April White’ I saw one in a nursery & it had the same stunted looking, dark pink flowers. It was described as late fruiting, March, white flesh, greeny/pink skin. Good resistance to curlyleaf, & abundant cropper. Sounds just like it.