Despite having been laid low, again! with the flubot, I have been just loving watching the garden unfurl. This time of year is pure magic, I can almost see the buds unfurling. We have new fragrances in the garden too, the Choisya ternata is flowering with a sweet scent& our big magenta Magnolia has a rich, powerful fragrance.

The Bluebells are in full flower, & the pear trees are just a mass of blossom, they look stunning but smell a bit odd. The Walnut tree must be growing an inch a day, & the new leaves are a beautiful colour…

If you look closely you can see the catkins, which release pollen, & the tiny walnuts, which have yet to be pollinated, & hopefully avoid any frosts in the next few weeks. The Sweet Chestnuts & Hazels are a way off yet, but the Horse Chestnut has these power packed buds which just burst forth, & seem to symbolise the Spring movement, sap rising & life full of promise.