Planting time is upon us, so too is the time of weeds & abundant lawns!  Geoff has got creative this year with frost protection, so we have planted out our tomatoes, some eggplants, & curcubits etc that are big enough, the rest are slowly growing in the greenhouse.

The onions we put in earlier are starting to bulk up, & we’ve filled any gaps with some plants we’ve grown from seed, 3 or 4 seeds  in each cell, this is another experiment, apparently they will just make room for each other, & this is a lot later to plant them so we shall see. I’ve planted seeds of carrots & beetroot, parsnips & Carouby peas & cumin & Nigella. Also planted out some more Florence Fennel, & some Whitloof Chicory plants, (which we hope to eat next winter.)

We’ve finally, after 20 years, built a soft fruits house, which will keep the birds out, hopefully! It has a row of Redcurrants in it, these cropped amazingly last year, but they all went before we could pick them, so we’re looking forward to exploring some new recipes for currants, Summer Pudding is top of the list. We’ve also got Raspberries, red & golden, I’ve wanted to try the golden ones ever since I saw them on that brilliant TV series ‘The Victorian Garden’, years ago, why don’t they re-run some of those great gardening programmes? there’s such a dirth of good TV. Strawbs of course & a Guava & American Cranberry. We’re also experimenting with a fig in a pot, which may end up in a half barrel later.

Spring harvest is underway, so we’re getting creative with lots of Asparagus & Globe Artichokes, plus greens. Just onto the last of our eating spuds, they are sprouty but not too wrinkled to eat, garlic is just holding out. We have broccoli, fennel, & the last of the parsnips & celeriac to eat. The last of the leek plants have gone to seed & were too woody to eat, there’s a few late leeks that might amount to a meal yet. Early summer is often a time where ther’s not a great variety of vege, too early for the ones that take a while to ripen. We’ve planted a brassica patch, which we can net if needbe to keep out the Cabbage White Butterflies.

We’ve had a visit from our daughter, & our 2 beautiful grandchildren. How did we ever mange to bring up our family, it seems an exhausting business, of course 20 years makes a difference! Now, being Gramps & Nanny is a whole lot of fun, luckily we’d kept all those books from when Giles was little, they are like old friends. We had a lovely picnic by the creek & introduced Tahlia to Eli, our tame eel. He’s been in the same spot for 6 or 7 years & has grown to impressive proportions