This is a photo of Eli (who is most likely an Ellie), he has lived in the swimming hole on our creek for at least 6 years, we reckon he’s pretty old, being about 1 metre in length. When we camp over Summer, he gets a lot of attention, & food. I think he’s unusual in that he feeds very gently, sucking meat from our fingers, & if you want to stroke him he never thinks the fingers are food. He has a very cute way of sitting on his tail so his head sticks out of the water.  Our dog Pip, has an ongoing feud with him, she is very jealous of the meat. One time she jumped into the water on top of him, they both disappeared under water, & Geoff had to jump in & pull Pip out. They both had scars from the encounter, & we make a point of holding onto Pip extra tightly.

Eeli the Eeel swimming about