Well it’s been an eventful week for me, having had surgery & moving through the initial stages of recovery. I won’t go into detail here, but for any women looking to undergo surgery I’ll put in some info in the  ‘Health Issues’ category, it’ll be work in progress for a while.

Meantime although I was only in hospital a few days, the garden seems to have transformed. The spuds are huge, squash are bursting forth, the Arnica is in it’s full flush of flowering & The St. John’s Wort & Meadowsweet are not far away. The flower beds are between flowers mostly, lots of things to cut back & lots more not quite ready yet.

Our onions are looking a bit runty, I think where we planted them got a bit neglected with watering at a crucial stage,& this hot dry Spring has been hard on them. We may try a second crop & see what happens. The Elephant Garlic is flowering, & despite all advice to the contrary, we leave the flowers on, they are just magical. The Brassicas are leaping ahead & we have so much brocolli, luckily it’s one of the things I’ve been craving this week.

Greenfinches are in the garden & seem to be nesting, it’s the first time we’ve had them here. The cheeky Thrushes have taken to coming in the house after crumbs, ( we already had to move the cats biscuits out of the porch, as he got scolded for being in there, & then they ate his food!) the Swallows have finished their nest building by the light fitting & obviously are sitting on eggs. The birds are taking over!

Alas my plans to increase the frog population have been in vain, so far we have 6 frogs watching hundreds of mosquito larvae, wriggling around in the pond, can our nerve hold or will we just put the goldfish back?

Rain would be most welcome, the lovely Hawkes Bay weather is becoming just a little too predictable. The other sort of flow we are struggling with is the $$$ sort, compounded by a hefty bill when the car broke down! so I’d like to put a plug in for our online shop, connected to this blog, we might have just the thing for Auntie Vera & Cousin Tim, or even some practical 1st Aid ointments for your camping holidays.

Meanwhile I get to sit around a bit more & watch the wildlife & come up with more schemes & projects for when I’m better.