Our soft fruit house has worked like a charm, last year we lost all our red currants, this year we are finding recipes, giving them away & planning to freeze some too. A friend of ours raved about Summer Pudding, we’d always thought it looked complicated, & a bit bready, but no! it’s delicious. see recipe section for a simple recipe. Our Border Terrier, Pip has a soft spot for fruit, while we were picking the currants, she was hovering close by, ready to pounce on any fruit that got dropped. It’s an odd trait, she loves all fruit, if we eat an apple, she’s there looking hopeful, but I would have thought the Redcurrants too sour.

It’s the time of year when Poplar fluff drifts or streams through the sky here. There are a number of ancient Poplars in the district, so it doesn’t matter which way the wind blows the white fluff appears. The worst thing is that it sticks to every cobweb & highlights our lack of domesticity! Worse still we spotted the first Cabbage White Butterflies in the garden yesterday, so we’re going to put up bird netting over the brassica bed to see if that foils them. The other white thing in the air, is pollen from the Sweet Chestnuts, the trees look stunning, but smell a little odd. Please note if you are planning to plant Sweet Chestnuts at your place, the entrance driveway is not the optimum choice. When the prickly seed cases drop they can be very anti-social, of course the rest of the year they are lovely, & do all that ‘under the shade of’ thing.

The spuds are growing fast, & the Agria are in flower, we did a spot of bandicooting, but didn’t find any spuds to eat yet. We are eating Broccoli just about every night, which is a treat. The Melon plants are looking promising, it’ll be a miracle if we get some fruit, we seem to be jinxed in the melon department, & I think we got a bit carried away with sheep poos in the new Raspberry bed, the plants are looking decidedly off colour, which is unusual in such vigorous plants, I’m hoping they will recover for an Autumn harvest.

In the flower borders, the Daylilies are looking fantastic, the roses are still blooming, but the most striking plant at the moment is a Verbascum olympicum, which has been a mass of flowers for ages now.

As I write this there is a thunder storm right overhead, hopefully bringing some much needed rain. The pair of idiot dogs are running around barking their heads off, why they can’t cower under the table I don’t know.