Ideally you would pick your assorted fruits, ready to make this dish. In the real world, you probably have a glut of one or two fruits, & buy in a punnet of Boysens or strawbs to add , or you could freeze excess berries of different types & cook up when needed. However you go about it, this is a forgiving recipe, that would be hard to mess up.


Geoff cooked this up, while I was still languishing after my op, so I am passing on his directions… Make this in the morning for an evening dessert.

600gm fruit, Geoff used 200gm Red Currants ( which add a nice tartness) 200gm Boysens, & 200gm strawbs, Raspberries & dark pitted cherries.

Cook fruit with 1/2 a cup of sugar & 1/4 cup water, and simmer for three or four minutes   until fruit just starts to  break down.

Put a layer of crustless white bread in the bottom of a pudding basin, then add a layer of fruit, then more bread, fruit, & bread to top it off. Pour over the lovely rich coloured juice. Put a small plate or saucer on the top, with a weight on it. Pop in the fridge until well chilled, overnight is good.

To serve, run a knife around the edge of the bowl & put a plate on top, tip upside down, carefully! We had a mix of whipped cream & yoghurt on the side. Despite being quite rich, we felt 2nds was required to confirm our decision that it was very good!