Amazing how much we think about the weather at this time of year. It’s been really hot, we’ve had winds, we’ve had a tiny amount of mizzle, the garden hangs it’s head & waits. We’re lucky to have access to the creek as a water supply, but we don’t like to irrigate too often. It’s stressful for the plants & us to get through these dry spells.

Despite the dry, some plants are thriving, the tomatoes are just starting to crop, & we have  a moist spot (a euphemistic term for the run off from the septic tank!) where pumpkins, scallopini & melons are going for it. In the orchard it’s a race between us, the birds & fruit ripening, the birds are eating fruit that is not by any means ‘tree ripened.’ We are most indignant, our grape crop which looked so promising has nearly all gone. we’ve started tying CDs up, this seems to be helping, but it’s much earlier than we expected to be attacked.

I’d like to plant some seeds of root crops for the Winter, I think the first planting got fried, so we’re going to make some shade cloth shelters for those areas & see if that helps. The Golden Seal flowered & produced a number of fruits, like raspberries, & we’ve planted these in a tray to over winter.

In the borders there are Delphiniums & Phlox, Pineapple lilies, Moonflowers, Cannas & Tiger Lilies. For the first few years we had the gardens, everything would fizzle out by Christmas, so it’s satisfying to have some flowers around. The Salvias are next to flower & if we’re very lucky we’ll see some Tree Dahlia blooms before the first frost.

We spent some happy hours clearing some of our pond. we planted a Dogwood, Cornus sanguisorba we think, some years ago, & it had suckered everywhere, & blocked most of our view of the water. On top of that a mix of Caltha & Iris pseudacorus had taken over a large amount of the waterway.We took away 2 trailers of debris, & probably have as much again to clear. The Caltha is very satisfying as it floats in a big mat, Geoff braves the mud & potential leeches & hacks off big hunks, which he tows to shore. As a result of this the Gunnera are looking fantastic, they tower over our heads, & the flowering spikes look very intriguing. We’ve taken to wandering down the drive, to sit & watch the fish & frogs & enjoy the tranquility. Easy to forget that part of gardens in the hurley burley of weeds, picking, watering etc etc.