First of all, cooking rice: Use a saucepan with a good sealing lid to keep the steam in.

Boil the kettle.

Put about 1dsp of oil in the  hot pan, & add 2 cups of rice. We like brown basmati, but any rice will do.

Heat the  rice up, stirring as you go, until the rice looks opaque, & lightly browned.

Add 4 cups of boiling water, salt to taste.

Stir all the rice grains so they are under the water. Put the lid on & turn down the heat as low as you can. White rice takes about 15 mins to cook, & Brown about twice as long.

To check if its cooked, tip the saucepan sideways & see if any water remains.

Once cooked turn the heat off, it will stay hot a good while.

While your rice is cooking you can go into the garden, or fridge & choose your vegetables.


The photograph shows all the veges we used, I picked 4 or 5 eggplants, but as they were small I could have put in a few more. Zucchini &/or scallopini, broccoli, greens, we also use button mushrooms if we have some.

In a large wok or saucepan heat about 2tblsp vegetable  oil, add chopped onions & cook until transparent, then stir in chopped eggplants & zucchini & stir to mix the oil onto them. We add in a Kaffir Lime leaf too. Cut the midrib out & cut up the leaf finely.

While these are cooking, into a blender put 3 cloves of garlic, a green chilli (or more if you like) a handful of fresh coriander leaves( we used green seeds as no leaves at the moment) & a large handful of toasted nuts. Pulse until a crumbly consistency.

Put the nut mixture into the pot & cook a few minutes then add 1 rounded tsp of Green Curry Paste, or more if you like. You can taste the curry near the end of cooking & add more curry or chilli then.

Add about half a cup of water, then put in broccoli, then greens on the top. Put the lid on & leave to simmer a few minutes.  While the greens are cooking make up a mix of coconut cream powder 1 1/2 cups pdr to1 cup hot water. Or open a can of coconut cream.

When the greens are soft, stir in the coconut cream, add salt & pepper if needed & a few squirts of fish sauce. Cook for a further 10mins & it’s ready to go.