We’ve had a great weekend at womad. It’s so good having flexibility, one of the things we really value about working from home. I may have mentioned before, we have a lovely old ‘Zephyr de-luxe’ caravan, circa 1963, it’s 15 ft, with a double bed & all we need for travelling. It is a safe haven for me, since getting M.E. I’ve felt quite vulnerable going away from home. This is the perfect solution, take our home with us!

We drove over to New Plymouth on the thursday & stayed at the Belt Rd camping ground, with a view straight from our window, out to sea, fantastic. We walked the coastal path into town for dinner, about 15 mins each way.

The weekend has gone by in a rush of images & music, people, the beautiful Mountain, no hassles, everyone was friendly & helpful. slow mornings, coffee & long breakfasts, then oops it’s nearly midday, back again into the crowds & energy. What a brilliant concept, & how lucky to have it here, in such a beautiful venue. There’s some live footage of the musicians on You Tube, I think, Geoff’s the one who ferrets out music to watch.

Of course this week has been spent catching up on jobs, picking fruit & vege & trying to process it all. Tonight I’ve cooked up the Cherry Peppers in vinegar, with sugar & salt, so will see, tomorrow, if I’m close to the flavour. Took a while cleaning them out, with gloves on to avoid burning my fingers or rubbing my eyes without thinking. Will report back on progress….

Think the peppers have worked, will put up the recipe soon!

Ok we’ve tried the pickled peppers & they are pretty close to Pepperdews, a bit hotter, & next time I’ll put a bit more sugar in. Here’s the recipe as work in progress & with a bit more sugar.

Cut the tops off the peppers & clean out the seeds. As mentioned before, wear some disposable gloves. I got an old peeler from the op shop with a good pointy end which is perfect for digging the seeds out. In rough measurements, for about 1L. of peppers cover with 1L. of white vinegar, 1tsp salt & 5 -6 tblsp sugar. Bring to boil & simmer 15 to 20 minutes until tender. You might want to try the syrup to see if it suits you. Pack into a clean jar & pour the hot vinegar over, run a knife around the sides to get out air bubbles.

The whole lot packed into a large agee jar, which we’re storing in the fridge. Some vinegar was left over & we put that in a bottle for cooking with as it has quite a kick to it.

We tried the peppers today with some cubes of feta, pretty close to what I had in mind.