The big excitement here, over Queen’s Birthday weekend was the SNOW. I realise for many people this is not a novelty, but for us it was beautiful, & for me it brought back memories of my English childhood, & Christmas, bizarre isn’t it?

Luckily, & with a smidgeon of good planning, Geoff & I had spent Friday cutting up firewood & filling the wood shed, so we were warm & cosy, except for our brief & enthusiastic forays outside.

On Sunday night we drove up Te Onepu hill with Giles & Libby & the intrepid (yeah right!) Rifkin. The snow was dazzling & beautiful as it cascaded through the lights of the car, how I wished I’d thought to take the camera. When we stopped, there was that special hush, except for the squeak of snow underfoot.

Next day much of the snow had gone, & what was left was a bit slushy, still we managed to throw a few snowballs & make a warped little snowman! There were loads of cars going up & down the hill, filled with rugged up inhabitants, glimpsed through steamy windows.

How neat it is, seeing families going out to share the snow together, it’s brief beauty here in Hawkes Bay will make lasting memories. Now can anyone tell me, how is it that snow falls to 200/500 metres etc rather than over an area, part way down the hill it just stopped, how does that work??