We’ve had a run of warm days, & the mud has disappeared. Spring is already showing it’s shy beginnings, the Wintersweet is  covered with flowers, & the Primroses & Violets are  prolific too.Last night we had some amazing skies, just had to add a few photos.


We’ve had a busy few days  reorganising the herb & vege garden. Geoff has dug up all the Globe artichokes,  split them up,  & replanted them along the fence line, where they can grow to profusion & not take over half the gardens. We also dug up the Rhubarb from the same patch & planted them in a bed of their own, where the sheep can’t reach them. We’ve planted out a load of garlic & elephant garlic, also a second batch of brassica,( the rabbits & sheep decimated the first lot.)

The sheep also ate the tops off the Chicory, which motivated us a) to fix the fences & b) to cut the chicory plants right back & try to grow some chicons. We have some old bee boxes that are past it for bees, but still useful, so we put these over the plants. We put 4 plants to a box, & covered them with compost. I think it takes several weeks for the new sprouts to grow, so we’ll be keeping an eye on them.

We signed up for the free Business Mentor scheme, & had 2 helpful sessions with Ron, who informed us that we spend too much on accountants, & should grasp the nettle & do a lot more of it ourselves, groan! but we’re going to do our best to decipher the complicated labyrinths of our accounts. Ron affirmed that we are going in the right direction, but just need more sales. We don’t want to expand in a huge way, about 25% would be awesome. The thing is, now we’ve reared our family & have Grandchildren etc etc, we don’t want to be too tied to routines, we’re much more in favour of the much mentioned but elusive work:life balance. Well for us at least we are fortunate to love our work, work from home, & work together, we also manage to grow most of our own food, & get to work outside when it’s sunny & inside when it’s cold, pretty good really!

One way to do this is to find some outlets in the South Island for our Ointments. So if you live on the Mainland, & know a cool shop or cafe that might sell our stuff we’d love to hear from you. Or even if you are on the North Island we’d welcome contacts. The other way you can help is by asking for our products by name in your local Health shop, all help gratefully recived!! We’re selling some stuff on Trade Me & that’s exciting, as we’re getting to meet lots of new people, well in the ether anyway.