We’ve been really busy making ointments over the last few weeks. I’m not complaining at all but it’s been hard looking out of the window at the sunny days, & the weeds growing rampantly. Finally we are getting into it, rescuing our precious plants before they get too leggy, & finding all sorts of treasures.The Cerinthe & Peony grow close together & match each others colour beautifully.

Last week we had our daughter & grandchildren visiting, so a little pond work was in order. We emptied the small concrete pond, of 2 years worth of plant debris. Now it’s looking much more inviting, with room for the goldfish to swim. Tahlia had her fishing net, but the best we could catch were snails, not that she minded.

The seeds we put in a few weeks ago are sprouting happily, lots of different tomatoes, peppers & eggplants, Sweetcorn, spinach, Burdock, & a variety of flowers too.  Every morning we rush out to inspect the punnets & see what’s new. I’ve potted up about a dozen Cooking Apple seedlings & Blackboy Peach seedlings they look so sturdy & are growing fast. I’m a very proud mother! Of course I realise that they may have cross pollinated, but that only makes it more interesting, I wonder how many years before we get fruit? The Horse Chestnut seedlings are a good 20cm tall now, they are Buckeye Chestnuts according to Geoff.

One of our pear trees grew some sprouts from it’s base, which we hoped would be Quince (which is used as the rootstock) We left some to come away & this year there are beautiful soft pink flowers, so maybe we shall get some quince in the autumn. The first fruit trees to flower now have tiny fruit starting to form,even our reluctant apricot looks promising, we did plant a pollinator for it, but alas forgot to water it in the dry autumn…bugger!

The pears are just about in full flower, they will be followed by the apples. We are crossing our fingers that the Walnut will escape frost damage this year & give us a good crop.

In the soft fruit garden the Redcurrants are starting to flower, & the Raspberries have masses of new leaves. The Strawbs are putting on new growth, & my fig in a pot has exquisite, fragile, new growth. The Elder tree has become covered in leaves in the last week, & already tiny clusters of flower buds are showing.

The vege garden is a mix of tidy & chaotic, the Alliums are all thriving, onions, garlic & leeks. The new seasons carrots, beetroot & parsnips are growing well, next in will be  the early spuds. The Broadbeans & Lupins will be composted soon to make room for the tomatoes etc, but not for a while yet, we’d like to avoid frosts, also we’ve found that putting plants in early doesn’t necessarily save time, as they sit & sulk if it’s chilly.

Have you been watching that programme on TV,’ Grow your own Drugs’? bit of a gimmicky name, but great programme, we’re starting to feel quite normal! If you missed the programme I think you can find the recipes online. There are a number we’d like to try. We were also pleased to see Lemon Balm used to treat coldsores, as we put that in our Coldsore cream. We were a bit dubious of the Valerian root hot chocolate, it seemed like a lot of root in that recipe. Although Valerian is not addictive, one can become dependent on it, our books recommend taking it at night only.

Below are some pics I took, on a walk with friends & cameras, I became besotted with the lovely knots in the fences, I don’t get out much huh?