Ok we’ve had enough rain now, I think the water table runs parallel with our lawn! So far only tiny frosts though, so its looking optimistic for our walnut tree. We’ve been busy weeding in the herb & vege garden, & Geoff has started erecting various constructions with posts & plastic roofing lengths, to warm the soil, ready for the capsicums, toms & eggplants. Not the picture below, that’s an old house nearby, we loved the combination of ‘Keep Out’ sign & wisteria flowering inside the windows.


Our local shearer/adviser has been over to crutch the sheep, so they are looking trim & clean. The oldest male lambs will be visiting the butcher before Xmas, but for a change we have more ewes, so will probably sell some of our older sheep later on.

We came across a great book, called Backyard Medicine, also known as Hedgerow Medicine, ( the English version) by Julie Brunton Seal & Matthew Seal.We are getting our copy through Nile Books for about $28.00  We really liked it’s style, great photos, very informative, & details alot of our favourite herbs. We came across Dandelion Oil in here, so have started a batch, which will take a month or so to be ready. The finished oil can be used in salads, but also as a rub for muscle pain etc. We have a great crop off Dandelions each year, so would be great to find a use for them. Have made wine & ersatz coffee, as well as eating in salads. Have discovered 2 more ideas, deep frying the flowers, & dandelion marmalade, which we plan to try soon.

We cancelled the workshop, which was due last Saturday, because it was so wet & freezing cold. Some very good friends offered us some firewood, as we were running low, & my inner squirrel was in a panic. Anyway we went up into the hills on Sunday, & it was so hot I could hardly move!! Unbelievable!! The views on the way were stunning, NZ has such an incredible variety of scenery in a small area, we had mountains, green rolling hills & flooded peat flats. A good excuse to get the camera out…