I always seem to start this diary with a comment on the weather. Well I guess that makes sense, since so much of what we do here is dependent on whether it is raining or sunny. We are getting such a jumble of both that it’s hard to plan ahead very much. We may start the day in shorts & singlets & end up lighting the fire in the evening.


In the fine spells we’ve been weeding & planting the vege garden for the summer, have finally put in tomatoes, peppers, basils, eggplants, kumara etc. Have some spuds in & more to plant. Have pulled up the broadbeans & put all their stalks & leaves on the compost heap, I have a basket of pods to shell… soon.

The Elder tree is covered in blossom, we’ve picked flowers to fill jars of Olive Oil, some to dry for teas & cosmetics, made a tincture, & 2 batches of Elderflower cordial, we plan to make a whole lot more to give away as Christmas presents. I’ll put the recipe in the recipe section.

Today has been a sheep day, our flock of 20, is now 30 with this seasons lambs, which is too many for us to keep over the summer. Our neighbour, Kingi, came over & did the shearing for us, & we took advantage of having them in the yards to drench them too. Haven’t been able to find a worming drench recipe, so we made one  up, it smells good at least. We used organic cider vinegar & put in garlic cloves, Wormwood & Feverfew. We’ll try & dose them regularly throughout the summer.

We’ll take the good wool into town to sell, the dags & crutchings are destined for the compost heap, it all feels very efficient & on to it!!