Well for once I’m not complaining about lack of rain in the Summer. We’ve had over 8 inches, 200ml in the last week or so. Amazingly the creek has hardly come up during these deluges, the water is just soaking straight into the thirsty ground. On the whole the gardens are happy with this, there are a few casualties some of the Salvias have rotted, any roses with flowers on have mouldered & the mildewed petals have landed on leaves & spread mould, so they are looking pretty sad. Some of the plums have split, but our peaches are still a way off being ripe so I think will be OK. The rhubarb & silverbeet are very happy, & we sowed seeds of leeks, red onions, turnips, red cabbage, florence fennel,spinach, carrots, & other root vege, 2 weeks ago, these are all up & looking good.

The tomatoes, peppers & eggplants are a bit sulky, & there are just a few toms ripening, & not a great amount of fruit set. Swings & roundabouts, I guess we can’t have it all ways. We bought a bundle of leek seedlings last week & these have shot away. Yesterday we got into the vege garden for a couple of hours & weeded out the worst of the new weed seedlings that are just starting to spring up, plus clearing away unhealthy foliage to minimise the chances of mildew.Another good side to the rain was that we have had our roof painted, & despite leaving the down pipes disconnected for several showers, when we saved the first lot of rain in our drinking water tank, it was very foamy. Much to our alarm the kettle would overflow with froth when we tried to boil it, & even a glass of water looked like suds. Apparently there is a foaming agent in the paint, which obviously takes quite a bit of rinsing to get rid of. We used  other water for a bit, & reconnected the tanks after some heavy rain, so now we’re back to sweet rainwater again. Easy to take these things for granted.