This is a great way to preserve your Chillies & other hot peppers for the rest of the year. When we first grew chillies we’d dry them & they never seemed very user friendly, eventually they’d shrivel up & fade, then we’d throw them out. This year we haven’t had a great harvest so our sauce is a mix of Cherry Peppers & Golden Cayennes. Sometimes we’ve made it with just green or golden peppers. We make at least 2x the recipe & store in a big jar in the dark. We have a little jar in the pantry to refill as needed.

4 handfuls of  hot peppers

1 Red Capsi

2 lge onions

1 head of Garlic

pinch of powdered cloves

2 cups vinegar

Cut stalks off the peppers, peel onions etc & chop all coarsely. Use whizzer or blender to chop to a fine paste, add a little vinegar to help it move. Put all in a heavy bottom saucepan & bring to the boil. Once at a boil add: 2 cups of sugar.

Simmer until thickened. Bottle into hot, sterile jars.This is hotter than shop bought sauce, so start off using it with caution until you get familiar with it. We use it in nearly all our curries, casseroles , soups etc. One of my favourites is  Nasi goreng, (fried rice) with a fried egg on the top, then a dollop of chilli sauce & some shoyu or soya sauce, delicious!!

Perfect pot for pickled Peppers  Hot Chilli Sauce