We’ve had a couple of light frosts, enough to hit the Kumara vines & Taro leaves. So we’ve dug the kumara, handling them very gently. We put them in a basket to cure for a week or so. Now we’ve wrapped them in newspaper & stored in a chilly bag. The tiny ones & any that had been damaged, we’ve kept out to eat first.We’re digging spuds as wee need them, but soon will dig up the rest to store, we don’t want them to rot if we get a long wet spell. That seems unlikely at the moment as it’s amazingly hot & dry.Today we started to attack our firewood pile. This is the first year I think that we shall be self sufficient in firewood. Geoff cut down about 8 of our gum trees in October, & the wood has been stacked in lengths. It’s great to be using our own wood, & know that a large number of the cut trees will coppice & make new growth.I went on an excursion with  friends, to Frimley Park in Hastings. It was a beautiful day, & the park was so peaceful. We all took our cameras, so I shall add in a few of my pics.  It’s a great thing to have parks in town, such a sane idea & I love to see all the various people using the space & appreciating the natural world.