Today we planted our garlic bulbs out, this is probably a record in efficiency for us. Next on the list are Tree Onions & Onion plants.  We are gradually filling in the bare ground in the vege garden, from one side, so that the area is used is compact & hopefully will leave little room for weeds. We got hold of  a few bales of organic lentil hay & this is a great mulch. (It wasn’t so great in fact, as we introduced hundreds of Dock seeds, which are thriving!)I have plans to gather up the leaves around the place & use those too. We’ve got cabbages & broccoli doing well, also some celeriac & root veges. I’m most peeved to say that after several attempts at growing Florence Fennel, Geoff put some seeds in & has grown the most beautiful crop.We are having a go at growing Oyster Mushrooms, this is very interesting, esp. since Geoff’s Dad was a mushroom grower. I can’t see us getting beyond enough for a meal now & then. They are fascinating to watch grow, & quite lovely.  The original kit was supplied by  Mushroom Gourmet Ltd, now we are having a go at using our own leaves & straw & a handful of the original culture.

We’ve had feijoas in excess, & I feel bad that I haven’t managed to put any in the freezer, I might just manage a few, I love having them for desserts in the Winter.  Some years these things just get missed out, the squirrel in me gets most upset! Meantime the Waxeyes are sneaking up on the deck & getting a feed from our baskets.

We had a big frost this week, it hasn’t affected the garden much since all the frost tender things were zapped a while ago,  I can’t resist going out with the camera & taking some photos.I forgot to mention that we had a meeting in Pukehou, a couple of weeks ago. Claire Bleakly came & presented a power point, informative talk on G.E. & what’s happening in NZ at the moment. It was great to see about 40 people turn up, most having a commitment to organics & a wish to protect our lovely country from  un-contained GE experiments. There is a website you can visit, & if inclined you can become a member. It costs $25 for a single person or $35 for a family. Check it out on