It’s been a week for bee swarms, one came through in a whirling flurry, & settled in a hole in an old willow tree down by the creek. The other was more obliging & clustered in the orchard, where we dropped it into a box, ( well, Geoff held the box & I banged the branch hard to dislodge all the bees), & set it in front of any empty bee box. They seem to have settled in Ok, so we’re hoping to get an established hive. It wasn’t very big, swarms get measured in terms of soccer balls for some reason, so a swarm as big as 2 soccer balls is pretty impressive, ours rates about half a ball. Still I was pleased with the photo of it.

The other adventure we had this week was a visit to the Waipawa Community Gardens , which is a brilliant site, with large plots for families & groups to take on & grow veges etc. Our extended family is sharing half a plot with some other people. We’ve planted spuds so far, but plan to add Kumara & Pumpkins in a few weeks. It’s a good feeling working as a group, with the kids helping, & hooning around. I remember my Grandad in England had an allotment in London, & I really liked the idea of a communal meeting place, & already we have discussed ¬†varieties of tomatoes, compost & poos of various types, mulching & green manure crops.

The group photo is the begininngs of the herb garden in Waipawa.