Herbal Balm:

This is a bit more complex, but does allow you to play around with more ingredients & different herbs.


In the largest pot melt:

125ml Herbal infusion

10ml Rose Water or Witch Hazel

10ml Herbal tincture

1/2tsp Borax


In smaller pot melt :

15gm Beeswax

25gm Emulsifying Wax

200ml Oil with herbal maceration

#5ml Essential Oil add when mixing

Slowly pour the oil mix into the water mix, with electric beaters going, like making mayonnaise. Keep working it until it is smooth & creamy then pour into jars. You can choose which herbs to incorporate, we used an oil which had Honeysuckle, Elder & Calendula flowers  steeped in it, & an infusion  (or herb tea) with the same flowers. Essential Oil of Bergamot.