Lemon & Calendula petal Muffins:

This is an easy muffin recipe with a herbal twist. It’s especially good with a  young Rose Scented Geranium leaf in the bottom of each case. Heat oven to 200C,  & grease about 18 large muffin  cases or 25-30 small ones.

Melt  110 gm butter in bowl, stir in until well mixed:

1 ½ cups milk,

2 eggs,  &

zest of 2 lemons.


In second bowl mix together:

3 cups flour

4 teaspoons baking powder

½ cup fine sugar


Pour the wet mix into the dry, & when nearly mixed stir in the petals of about

8 calendula flowers.

Gently spoon mix into muffin pan, & cook for 10 mins or so, untila skewer comes out clen. Test a middle muffin as they are slower to cook than the ones on the edges.

When cooked, leave in pan & spoon over a mix of ½ cup lemon juice & ½ cup sugar.